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Stained Concrete

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Concrete Worx offers both dye and acid staining to fit your flooring needs.

Acid Staining
Acid staining is a method to add permanent color to your interior or exterior concrete floor. This process uses a chemical reaction with the metallic salts in the stain and lime in concrete. This is a cost effective and lasting way to bring color to the concrete floors of your home. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, and our use of industrial strength sealants, you will have the floor you dream of for a longtime to come.

Some of the benefits of acid staining include permanence, mold and mildew resistance, anti-slip additives for safety and comfort, affordability, and of course it is easy to clean.

Dye Staining
Unlike acid staining, this process does not rely on a chemical reaction. Instead, the much wider variety of colors are provided by dyes, making the final color more predictable. Though there are numerous sealers available, this method is only suitable for interior use.

Some of the benefits of dye staining include its wide assortment of vibrant color, it’s ease to customize to fit your unique décor, it’s easy to maintain, and is especially recommended for diamond polished concrete.